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i) Introduction

The institute was registered as a society in 1972 in the name and style of Food Craft Institute (Ahmedabad) Society, which was changed to INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT CATERING AND NUTRITION (Ahmedabad) Society consequent upon its up gradation from 1984 as an Autonomous Body under Ministry of Tourism, Government of India

With due transformation from craft course to three year diploma course by National Council for hotel Management , the institute is advancing steadily.

Through the same transformation, the three year diploma has been upgraded to the level of degree programme and the course offered as on today Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Hospitality and Hotel Administration with an intake of 230 students along with other short courses.

ii) Aims and Objectives

As indicated in MOA of the Institute given below is the brief of aims and objectives of the Institute

1. The names of the society shall be the Institute of Hotel Management Catering and Nutrition (Ahmedabad) Society

2. The object for which the society is established are :-

(i) to establish and to carry on the administration and management of the Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition hereinafter called the ‘Institute’ whose functions shall be :-
(i) to provide instruction and training in all the craft and skills, in all the branches of knowledge both theoretical and applied; and all the organizational and management techniques, which are required for the efficient functioning of hotel and catering establishment of all kinds, as well as institutional feeding programs in schools, industrial establishment and similar organization

(ii) to impart instruction and training in modern and scientific techniques of management of modern hotels and hostels

(b) To undertake and to associate itself with nutritional extension and development work

(c) To propose economy in the handling and utilization of food stuffs

(d) To assist in and associate itself with the efforts of the Central and State Government to popularize wholesome non cereals foods, particularly, protective foods, with a view to the diversification of the ordinary Indian diet and the enrichment of its nutritional content

(e) To assist in and associate itself with the attempts of food research institutions, food scientists and food technologists to find effective and acceptable means of presenting their nutritional ideas through the development of suitable recipes and the planning of menus

(f) In accordance with the general policy laid down by the Central Government, to prescribe course of instructions, hold examinations and grant certificates, diplomas and other awards to persons.

(g) To fix and demand such fees and other charges as may be laid down in the bye-laws.

(h) To establish, maintain and manage halls and hostels for residence of students and members of the staff

(i) To supervise and control the residence, to regulate the discipline of students of the Institute and to make arrangements for promoting their health, general welfare and cultural and cooperative life

(j) To institute teaching, administrative technical, ministerial and such other posts as may be necessary and to make appointments thereto in accordance with rules, bye-laws and any instructions / orders and guidelines issued by the Central Government, from time to time.

(k) To institute and award fellowship, scholarship, exhibitions, loans, monetary assistance, prizes and medals in accordance with the rules and bye-laws and

Within the broad frame work of the policy laid down by the Central Government, to seek affiliation with universities or other appropriate academic or governmental bodies or institutions and obtain the recognition of its course of instructions, its examinations, diplomas, certificates and other awards by the appropriate educational authorities

iii) Facilities

Since the academic year 2005-2006, IHMA is functioning from its new building, which is an environment friendly and earthquake resistant structure in six acres of land, IHMA now possess good infrastructure and spacious classrooms. IHMA has upgraded its infrastructure by acquiring new equipment and furniture.

The institute with the grant in aid from Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, has equipped various departments with new equipment and furniture to enhance the efficiency, the process is still on.

The Institute has also provided in house gymnasium facility for the students.

The vertical extension work of the hostels (for both boys and girls) is complete and has increased the total accommodation from 174 at present to 300 approximately.

Ahmedabad Airport - 10.6 Kms
Sabarmati Railway Station - 11Kms
Ahmedabad Railway Station - 18.4 Kms

Practical Labs
An environment friendly structure with state of the art equipment in training specialised Kitchens and Restaurants, Housekeeping lab and training Guestrooms facilities, Front Office labs, Computer Labs with latest technology.

Library Facilities
Students of the Institute have access to well stocked air-conditioned library.

Teaching Aids
Well equipped with multimedia projectors and computers to assist the classroom teaching, student presentations and guest lectures.

Health Services
Institute Health Center offers basic health care facilities to the students through a visiting doctor.

Hostel facilities
Limited hostel accommodation is available for boys and 100% hostel accommodation for girls separately in IHM-Ahmedabad hostels

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